Samantha Raja project image

Simulation of Fruit Senescence and Decay

One important element of realistic computer generated scenes is the appearance of aging. Without surface imperfections, a scene can look obviously synthetic. The decomposition of organic materials in a scene provides helpful visual cues of aging that can enhance the realism of an image. In this project, we present a physically based approach for simulating the decay process in fruits.

Samantha Raja

(Advisor: Dr. Norman I. Badler + Joseph Kider)

Ryan Gormley project image

SUBTLE: Situation understanding Bot through Language and Environment

The SUBTLE team brings together researchers with expertise in a wide range of disciplines: computational linguistics, including formal language theory, computational semantics and parsing; syntax, semantics and pragmatics within linguistic theory; probabilistic modeling and machine learning; robotics; and human-robot interaction (HRI). This project aided in the development of a browser-based virtual game with users playing the roles of a commander and a robot on a mission to rescue hostages in a hostile environment. The chat conservations produce natural language corpus for further analysis of HRI.

Ryan Gormley

(Advisor: Dr. Mitch Marcus)