Here are the winners from our CIS Undergraduate Research Poster Events:


1st Place: Adam Canarick, Kristin Chow, Effie Li, Susan Xie – “Visualizing Pachacamac

(Advisor: Dr. Noman Badler and Dr. Clark Erickson)

2nd Place: Gabrielle Hemlick – “T.A.R.P.S. (Time-Adaptive Risk Prediction System using ML)

(Advisor: Dr. Ryan Urbanowicz)

3rd Place: Nicholas Magarino, Saranya Sampath, Thy Tran, Enoch Solano, Sang Lee, Shenqi Hu – “E.A.T.S. (Extraction of Abdominal Topology and Simulation

(Advisor: Chenfanfu Jiang)


1st Place: Yi Gu – “Robotics Control with Physics-based Fluid Simulation in Virtual Environment

(Advisor: Chenfanfu Jiang)

2nd Place: Jacob Snipes – “H.O.G.W.A.R.T.S (Handy Offline Grid-based Wind Advection Reverse Time Solver)

(Advisor: Chenfanfu Jiang)

3rd Place: Liangzhen Fei, Chen Li, and Ziyin Qu – “Frame Interpolation of Smoke Simulation with Neural Network

(Advisor: Chenfanfu Jiang)


1st Place: Deniz Beser – Part of Speech Tagging for Low-Resource Languages

(Advisors: Jordan Kodner and Mitch Marcus)

2nd Place: Christine Fu, Grace Gilbert and Xuan Huang – “See me

3rd Place: Edidiong Okon – “Cluster Paraphrases by their Vector Representations

(Advisors: Chris Callison-Burch)


1st Place: Victoria Xiao – “Crowdsourcing a Corpus for Monolingual Alignment”
(Advisor: Chris Callison-Burch)

2nd Place: Joseph Gao – “Animating Individuals in a Community”
(Advisor: Norman Badler and Aline Normoyle)

3rd Place: Seth Bartynski and Trevin Gandhi – “Competing for Attention: Optimal Investment on Network Centrality”
(Advisor: Victor Preciado)


1st Place: Spiro MetaxasKinect Multi-Camera Body Scanner
(Advisor: Ladislav Kavan)


1st Place: Mitchell SternApplication of Word Embeddings in Cross-Lingual Word Sense Disambiguation
(Advisor: Lyle Ungar)

2nd Place: Sally KongKeyboard Alternative Technology
(Advisor: Stephen Lane)

3rd Place: Elissa Wolf, Camille Jwo, Xinying XuMarketplace Behavior Simulation
(Advisor: Norman Badler)


Here are our equally recognized winners:

George ChenModel-Based Conformance Testing for Implantable Pacemakers
(Advisor: Rahul Mangharam)

Kai NinomiyaConstraint-Aware Navigation in Dynamic Environments
(Advisor: Norm Badler)

Hamidhasan AhmedImplementing Explicit Type Application in Haskell
(Advisor: Stephanie Weirich)

Nick DiStefanoStudy Snake – A Flash-Card App for Android
(Advisor: Chris Murphy)

Teresa FanEvaluating Perceived Trust from Procedurally Animated Gaze
(Advisor: Norm Badler)


1st Place:Nathan Marshak – “Coordinating Full-body Character Controllers With Shadows


1st Place: Kaitlin Pollock – “A Data Driven Exhaustion Model for Human Motion”
(Advisors: Joe Kider and Alla Safanova)

2nd Place: Yonas Solomon – “Sentiment Analysis of Online Social Media”
(Advisor: Lyle Ungar)
Funded by NSF/LSAMP Program.

3rd Place: Casey Davis – “Crowdsourcing Image Annotation for Human Pose Estimation”
(Advisor: Ben Taskar; Grad Student Advisor: Ben Sapp)


1st Place: Samantha Raja – “Simulation of Fruit Senescence and Decay”
(Advisor: Norm Badler)

2nd Place: Zachary Meister – “Object Recognition in Videos Using Chordiograms”
(Advisor: Ben Taskar)

3rd Place: Jessica Wetstone – “Subgraph Matching w/Voronoi Graph Spatial Representation ”
(Advisor: Kostas Daniilidis)


1st Place: Jiawei Matteus Pan – “Scene Recognition in Movies”
(Advisor: Ben Taskar)

2nd Place: Andrew Matas – “Scene Recognition in Videos”
(Advisor: Ben Taskar)

3rd Place: Mihai Oprea – “Declarative Toolkit for Rapid Network Protocol Simulation and Experimentation”
(Advisor: Boon Loo)